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Accesories: Polette Eyewear

While the sun has not made a strong appearance these past couple of days, I thought it would be nice to show you my new amazing sunglasses from Polette Eyewear. I recieved three pairs of sunglasses which I would like to review for you 🙂 And that’s not the only thing I want to show you, but I also seriously cut my hair again! Chop chop, back into a bob! Remember my past haircut back in the early spring? Well, I was waaaaay too blonde back then. I think it looks much better with my brown hair. ‘Nough said about the hair, it’s sunglasses time!

I recently discovered Polette, which is a french online webshop for sunglasses and prescription glasses. The website was launched in 2011 and I love their vision: no more expensive eyeglasses. They offer over 900 designs that is all with a great quality. You can even get your own prescription glasses from Polette as well. Since I already own a good pair of normal glasses I decided to try out some sunglasses. My favorite is by far the butterfly shaped sunglasses. I’m in love!

The other two glasses are pretty perfect too. I always stick to my ‘normal’ type of sunglasses. So trying out something different is a bit of a step for me but I love them both. And since Polette offers really good glasses which are affordable too, it’s easy to try new things!

Leo Summer sunglasses (left) // Soho Aubergine sunglasses (right)

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