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TRAVEL: Back to Thailand

This afternoon I’m flying to Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve been there last year as well, but at that time it was an organized trip, not backpacking like we’re going to do now.

The route

So we made a little bit of a plan upfront. Ofcourse we start our journey in Bangkok and will spend there just one night to recover from our 11 hour flight all the way from Amsterdam. This is our plan and route day by day, but since we’re backpacking we’re flexible and willing to change the plans:

Day 1 (17-5): Arriving in Bangkok and go to the hotel

Day 2 (18-5): Bangkok to Sukothai, arriving in Sukothai in the afternoon
Day 3 (19-5): Sukothai
Day 4 (20-5): Sukothai to Chiang Mai. Arriving in Chiang mai in the afternoon
Day 5 (21-5): Chiang Mai
Day 6 (22-5): Chiang Mai (trekking?!)
Day 7 (23-5): Chiang Mai (trekking?!)
Day 8 (24-5): Chiang Mai
Day 9 (25-5): Chiang mai to Koh Samui (flying)
Day 10 (26-5): Koh Samui to Koh Tao
Day 11 (27-5): Koh Tao
Day 12 (28-5): Koh Tao
Day 13 (29-5): Koh Tao to Krabi
Day 14 (30-5): Krabi
Day 15 (31-5): Krabi
Day 16 (1-6): Krabi
Day 17 (2-6): Krabi
Day 18 (3-6): Krabi
Day 19 (4-6): Krabi to Bangkok
Day 20 (5-6): Bangkok
Day 21 (6-6): Bangkok
Day 22 (7-6): Bangkok back to Amsterdam

The backpack

I bought my backpack secondhand, via marktplaats (a dutch ebay). I bought it for 30 euros from a girl in Amsterdam, approximately the same height and weight as me. She bought the backpack in a special store for 160 euros but hated the whole backpacking thing so decided to sell it. My backpack came with a rain protective sleeve as well. I can put 70 litres in it and it has a big compartment in the middle wich is easy accessible because of the big zipper in the middle. On the left and right hand side it has a small compartment and underneath and on top of the backpack are more compartments. I use the big middle compartment for my clothes, toiletries, underwear, bikini’s, make up bag, jewelry, hats and medical kit. I use the compartment on the bottom of the backpack for my shoes and chargers and the two on the side for small stuff.


First of all I decided to seperate my clothes and put them into plastic bags in order to ‘organize’ my backpack and make it easier to find stuff. I have a bag with shorts, a bag with dresses and a bag with tops. I also put my shoes in a seperate bag as well. I packed:
* 9 dresses
* 7 shorts
* 18 tops
* 3 pairs of shoes (sandals and flipflops, I’m wearing my normal shoes during the flight).
* 2 hats
* Several bra’s and undies
* About 10 bikini tops and bottoms
* A small camera bag with jewelry
* Iphone, laptop and camera chargers
* A see through bag with all my toiletries
* Medical kit
* Make up bag
* A small canvas bag


Never ever ever forget the most important thing: your passport! In my handluggage (a simple small backpack) I have my wallet with my passport and creditcards and ofcourse my airline ID. I’m bringing my laptop, iphone and a small bag with toiletries as well. I’m trying to keep things simple and lightweight. My lonely planet is a perfect preparation during the 11 hour flight as well as the latest fashion magazines. Basically that’s all I’m taking in my handbag. 🙂

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  • Reply Djuli

    Ahh wat leuk! Heel veel plezier 🙂

    16 mei 2013 at 14:22
  • Reply ♥ vendy ♥

    thailand is the best dear

    16 mei 2013 at 15:13
  • Reply Leen Philips

    Wauw geweldig! Lijkt mij echt superleuk zo'n rondreis!
    Heel veel plezier gewenst! 🙂

    Liefs, leen

    16 mei 2013 at 18:52
  • Reply Josianne

    Wauw, wat ontzettend cool! Ik wens je heel veel plezier 😀

    16 mei 2013 at 18:55
  • Reply Carola

    Wat leuk! Veel plezier!

    16 mei 2013 at 19:20
  • Reply Talitha

    Ik ben benieuwd naar je reisverhalen en foto's. Geniet ervan en heel veel plezier!!

    16 mei 2013 at 22:26
  • Reply Laura

    Thailand is het mooiste land wat ik bezocht heb. Geniet ervan! xx

    17 mei 2013 at 13:12
  • Reply Paul Sarfati

    Great post! It contains all the information about Thailand Backpacking that I am looking for. Thanks for sharing this post. I've got a lots of ideas. keep posting!

    24 mei 2013 at 07:13
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