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FLYING: Bologna

Well hello my dear little sweethears,
I hope you are all fine. It has been a while, again, I know and I’m sorry for that. I was on reserve duty and they called me out every day of my 5 day week. And with the snowfall in the Netherlands, things didn’t go as planned. But they nightstops were okay and the crew was great as well.

They called me for just a single flight to Bologna and only back to Amsterdam the next day, that was a luxurious trip for me! I hardly ever do just 1 flight a day, most of the time 2, 3 or 4. So in Bologna we had a little get-together in the hotel room. The next morning I got a call that our pick up time was delayed and so I had an hour extra to spend in my favorite Italian city. I decided to go out and ran into a small christmas market at a square close to our hotel. I strolled around and enjoyed the beautiful bright sky and the comfortable temperature of something around 10 degrees celcius (that’s not too bad for this time of the year).

And fortunately I’ll be going back to Bologna SOON. I’m there on the 25th of december (christmas) and still looking for a restaurant which is actually open. Do you dolls have tips for me maybe? See you soon!

Pants: H&M // Sweater: Mango // Shoes: Ebay IM dicker knock off // Coat: Jane Norman

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