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FLYING: Bologna

Remember I told you about my luxurious 5 day trip for work? I started in Munich and went the next day to one of my all-time favorite destinations: Bologna.

I just LOVE Italy. The people, the fashion, the temperatures, the buildings, the streets and not to forget: the FOOD. Everything is so delicious! Well if you click here you can see my previous Bologna trips. This time I had plenty of time so we decided to have a big lunch in the well-known-amoung-locals restaurant ‘Draghoria Della Rossa’.

After a delicious 3 course lunch with the best red wine I’ve had in a long, long time, we went into the city center and to the park. Enjoying the summer sun and the almost empty city. Since Bologna is a typical student town, most of them go to the beaches during the hottest season of the year. So we basically had Bologna for ourselves.

Dress: Originally Primark, but was a gift

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