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FLYING: Bristol

T-shirt: Vanilia, Shorts: H&M, Jacket: H&M, Necklaces: DIY

I LOVE BRISTOL. End of the post. No, just kidding.

After the ‘loss’ of Liverpool, I wasn’t bothered about the U.K. anymore. I even mentioned I wouldn’t mind if I would never fly there anymore. But can we please forget that I ever mentioned that?

I re-discovered Bristol, during spring, with temperatures around 20 degrees celcius! This city is actually really beautiful to see! The buildings, the park, the relaxed vibe, everything!

And so I decided to go out on my own (everybody went shopping and I went out to see the city) and re-discover this lovely city. First I had to go to the huge Primark (I’m an addict!) and found some lovely goodies which I’ll show you soon. I wandered around, went into other shops and decided to go to McDonalds and eat it while sitting in the park with my newest magazine (the first dutch Vogue!). After finishing my haute cuisine meal (notice the sarcasm?) I stroll around in the park, watching people. And that’s also actually a fun thing to do when you’re in the UK. People dress so differentely than the people who don’t live on ’the island’ (as we airline crew call it). You see many leggings worn as actual pants so you can see everything you don’t want to see, too short tshirts and ofcourse all the naked skin (people, aren’t you freezing?).

But no matter what, you can definitely shop in Bristol! And I do like the english people to be honest, while I have my doubts about the way they dress. They are actually my favorite passengers amoung all. They are polite, friendly and not arrogant (the complete opposite of the Dutchies, I don’t like my own peeps!)

‘Nough said, just visit Bristol if you can. Enjoy the park, enjoy the people, enjoy all the restaurants (or go to mcdonalds)

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