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TRAVEL: Thailand

Imagine this: for a long, long time you have the feeling you don’t know exactly who you are anymore. You can’t remember your last holiday and besides that, you broke up with your boyfriend 8 weeks before your holiday together.

That’s exactly how I felt a couple of weeks ago. Nobody wanted and was able to join me on a holiday and I couldn’t get rid of the ‘GET ME OUT OF THIS SH*TH*LE’ (read: The Netherlands) feeling. So I decided to take a plane and fly for 10,5 hours and 5988 miles all the way to Bangkok. So let me take you on my journey with me…

After a very long and sleepless flight I arrived in Bangkok around 6 AM. After disembarking the jumbo-jet (even though I’m a cabin attendant myself, I still can’t believe how this thing can fly 10,5 hours non-stop) I quickly changed my jeans to comfortable shorts. After getting slapped in the face with a wave of heat (it was around 37 degrees in the morning!) I hopped on a bus to add 2 extra hours of traveling and went straight to my first stop: Ayutthaya.

T-shirt: Saint Tropez // Cardigan: Saint Tropes // Jeans: zara // Shorts: h&m // Hat: h&m

I could barely keep my eyes open during the 2 hour busride to Ayutthaya, but wasn’t able to fall asleep completely. I arrived in the hotel while I was in the twilight zone, not sure if I was awake or not. So I took a quick shower and a 15 minute ‘pwer’ nap in my hotel (which was clearly not enough) and went straight to what Ayutthaya is known for: the temples!

And since I shot about 2000 pictures during my holiday, it’s time to finish this post and save the rest for later 😉
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  • Reply Fashiable

    Can't wait to see all the photos!

    12 juli 2012 at 08:39
  • Reply josianne

    Apparently I was following your blog through Bloglovin' and I kinda forgot about it, and now: new blogs online. Yay 🙂 So far I really like it and I'm looking forward to see the photo's!

    12 juli 2012 at 08:48
  • Reply The Girl with the Coffee

    Welcome back! Your trip sounds really great and I can´t wait to see more pictures!
    xx Katja

    12 juli 2012 at 08:51
  • Reply The chic and cheap

    yea, welcome back!!

    cant wait for all the photos!!!

    xoxo from Italy

    The chic and cheap blog

    13 juli 2012 at 00:15
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