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FLYING: Dusseldorf

Remember I told about my reserve duty? And my nightstop in Dusseldorf? Well, I took a lot of pictures! We changed hotels in Dusseldorf, and now we’re staying at the main street of Dusseldorf: Koningsallee. The hotel is good and I love its location in the city center. It was a pretty good day with lots of sunshine and I walked around with my collegues and had a typical German diner (Schnitzel!). My last visit was a year ago and I loved to be back. I also went shopping and bought cheap shampoo in the DM. Besided that, I went to ‘Gina Tricot’. Didn’t buy anything, but love their collection.

Pants: H&M // Blouse: Primark // Cardigan: NewYorker // Boots: Newlook // Coat: H&M

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