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Stewardess stories: Praag

When I noticed a nightstop in Prague on my roster, I didn’t immediately realised it would be very special. Yes, Prague is a new nightstop destination for our airline and for me ofcourse, but when we arrived in the luxurious hotel we were really suprised!

We actually were the 3rd crew arriving in the hotel. But since the day before we arrived was some kind of national day in Prague, they didn’t had the time to celebrate it. And so, when we arrived in the hotel, we got a welcoming suprise! The hotel was very, very pleased with our airline and organized a complete reception with local foods and drinks. Even the waiters got dressed in the old local czech clothing and in dutch clothing as well. Our dutch flag waved proudly next to the czech one. We got to meet the dutch ambassador, the manager of the hotel and the manager of our airline ground handling at the airport. It was a lot of fun and such a big suprise! In my hotel room I found a beautiful book about Prague as a gift because we were the ‘first’ crew in the hotel.

After all the celebrations we went into town. We took a taxi all the way up to the castle/fortified building and took a lot of pictures of the amazing view during sunset. We walked down and discovered the citycenter and the old town. It was freezing, and there was snow (yes, really!). But it was beautiful and I immediately fell in love with this beautiful city. This was such an amazing first experience!

Faux leather pants: H&M // Coat: H&M // Beanie: Primark

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  • Reply Dazz

    Prague is really beautiful, it's a great capital ๐Ÿ™‚ I only visited it four times and I'm Czech! It's too far from where I live ๐Ÿ˜€

    1 november 2012 at 18:49
  • Reply

    Wat een mooie foto's!
    Wil ook nog een keer naar Praag, maar er zijn zoveel mooie steden!

    En je burgundy broek is trouwens echt heel tof!


    1 november 2012 at 19:54

    Prachtige foto's zeg!
    En je ziet er leuk uit meid, like your beanie ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1 november 2012 at 20:57
  • Reply curls and bags

    Mooie foto's! Ik wil er ook graag eens heen! Mooie broek!!

    1 november 2012 at 20:59
  • Reply Haylie

    What a stunning city!! The architecture is amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚


    2 november 2012 at 07:00

    Beautiful pictures, it looks very beautiful in Prague!
    And I love your pants ๐Ÿ™‚

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

    2 november 2012 at 10:15
  • Reply Mia

    Looking at these beautiful pics.. I feel so homesick:/

    11 november 2012 at 16:22
  • Reply Karen Sumalig

    I want to have my holidays in czech republic most especially in Prague. They had an amazing architecture and so beautiful and romantic place. Very nice post Shalane.

    21 december 2012 at 03:29
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