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Two weeks ago I had some kind of mini holiday thanks to work. I usually do 3 to 4 flights a day, but this time I had a wonderfull 5 day trip. The first day I started with 3 flights, the next three days only 2 flights a day and the last day 3 flights again. Which means that I had lots of time in the hotel. Or in my case: at the beach!

You already saw my nightstop in Munich, that was my first stop. The next day I went to Bologna, Italy. We arrived around 12PM in the afternoon! I’ll show you Bologna later, but I wanted to show you Nice first, where I spend the last two days in a row. Both of the days we arrived before noon and went directly to the beach. A while ago our company decided that we are going to another hotel. An airport hotel…

When I first heard about us moving to an airport hotel, I felt quite sad. I loved our old hotel in the citycenter of Nice! But after visiting this place, I totally changed my mind. It’s just 5 minutes away from the beach (Saint Laurent du Var) which is perfect during the summer. I’m not sure what the winter is going to be like, but we’ll just have to figure that out.

Bikini: The lady sting(NL)

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