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I can’t believe how lucky I am: two days in Nice in a row with plenty of time! So we packed our stuff and hopped on the shuttle bus directly to the beach of Saint Laurent Du Var.

We rented some sunbeds and had a relaxed day in the sun. Eating, drinking, swimming and relaxing: the key words for our day. The food was delicious (yet not very healty) and the drinks were necessary. Every now and then we went into the sea to cool down.

Around sunset we had a great diner at the beach. Again, not healthy but the ambiance was amazing and I truly had one of the best nightstops in a long time! My crew was great and I loved this little place next to Nice. It was also a lot of fun to see our colleagues depart from the runway which was like in front of us.

Bikini: Primark
Skirt: Vero Moda
Top: H&M

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