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Remember I told you about my reserve duty? And how I got called out every single day? Well, after my day in Bologna I spend one night at home. At 5.01AM my phone was vibrating: incomming call from crewing, I had to report at the airport in an hour and a half for a three day trip to Prague and Bordeaux. I can tell you one thing, it hurts when you’ve just had 4 hours of sleep and your phone is waking you up. Painfull situation, but going to Prague and Bordeaux makes it worth it.

Anyway, we arrived in Prague around 2PM. The weather was not so fantastic, but Prague itself is pretty amazing. We strolled around at a christmas market and walked towards the bridge. Afterwards, we had a nice dinner on a rooftop terrace overlooking the main square.

Sorry for the bad picture quality, since it was really grey and rainy outside, it was difficult to shoot the pics.

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