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FLYING: Saint Tropez and Port Grimaud

In moments like these, I feel so lucky… Because of my job I can visit the most amazing places in Europe. And while we don’t always have a lot of time to spend, we sure as hell make the most out of it!

Nice was the 4th nightstop in my 5 day trip. And while the other days were filled with delays, arriving late and lots of flights, this day was different: we arrived around noon in Nice. And so we rented a small car and drove for an hour and a half to Saint Tropez. I went together with the first officer and captain, both were a lot of fun. Saint Tropez is just a small but amazing place to visit. Pretty boats, great buildings and because it’s so small is really cute! It’s the place for the rich and famous.

After a delicious lunch in the harbor, we climbed up a hill and enjoyed the stunning view. It was beyond amazing. On our way back, we stopped at ‘Port Grimaud’, also a little village which reminds me alot of Venice. Little bridges, cute canals and lots of overpriced boats!

The pictures are in chronological order: from Saint Tropez to Port Grimaud. Hope you enjoy them but be aware because I made lots of pictures!

Blouse: Zara €30 // Shorts: H&M €20 // Flats: H&M €20

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