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FLYING: Stuttgart

Remember I told you about my five day trip? And that I gave an update about the delays? Well… It was quite an intense trip! Everything started out great: beautiful weather in Stuttgart and so it was amazing to go outside and take pictures. But later that day, when we were supposed to fly back, things have changed drastically. There was an early morning fog in Amsterdam which delayed every aircraft coming in and eventually going out… So our aircraft arrived really late. We were waiting for an hour and a half at the airport! And when the aircraft finally came in, we quickly boarded the passengers and were ready to go… But then the plane got technical. So… 2,5 hours with passengers on board and no new departure time… In the end, our flight got canceled and I flew back to Amsterdam as a passenger and had to go to Aalborg afterwards (was supposed to go to Kristiansand).

The next days were also quite strange, will tell you about that later! I hope you enjoy my autumn pictures of Stuttgart (or well, we stay in a little village just outside stuttgart, but I forgot about the name). Hope you guys are all doing well. Stay tuned for more!

Skirt: H&M // Blouse: Zara // Hat: Primark // Scarf: Primark // Blazer/coat: H&M // Shoes: Zara

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