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TRAVEL: Thailand, Koh Lanta

After our three days on Koh Lanta in a very luxurious resort, it was time for a change. It was the start of the high season and not only the island became more busy, the prices went up as well. We had a lot of days left on Lanta and therefor we decided to change hotels. The island is so relaxed, we really enjoyed it! We rented a motorbike for most of the days which was really convenient, because we like to explore things. We drove mostly to the south of Koh Lanta where the beaches are the prettiest and the most relaxed. I hope you enjoy the photos, I have some outfit foto’s too 🙂

After three days in total luxury, it was time to step back. Since it was the start of high season and we really couldn’t afford it anylonger to stay in TwinLotus resort, we changed hotels. A little bit more to the south and not directly on the beach was our other hotel; Escape Cabins. It was way cheaper and really cute as well; our little cabin. Eventhough the swimmingpool was not deep enough to swim in and we had to cross a busy road to access the beach, it was still fine.

We really wanted to do some sort of activity during our holiday so we decided to hike. Koh Lanta is quite big but doesn’t have a lot of hiking trails, the only one intresting we could find was in the very south close to the lighthouse. So we took our motorbike and drove all the way to the south of the island, which turned out to be quite a ride; about an hour! But it was worth it. And we made some stops because it was so beautiful! We found a deserted beach where we could take some outfit photos.

Playsuit by Primark

You see that ‘thing’ on the last photo? It was pretty amazing! Like a huge swimming lizzard. The monkeys were scared of it too! The nature trail was really crowded, not with people but with monkeys! They were on the beach too. It was like a huge group and they weren’t scared of us! They tried to steal stuff from tourists, which was pretty fun to see.

The hiking trail itself was ok-ish. It was really intens since it was bloody warm! There were sooo many steps we decided to turn back after half an hour walking. It wasn’t a spectacular trail but it was nice to hike. Two years ago we did alot of hiking as well. It was really fun in the jungle in Pai and the hike to bottle beach in Koh Phangan was great too.

Playsuit by H&M
Kimono by Topshop

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