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FLYING: Trondheim

Hello little sunshines,

Hope you all had a wonderfull week. I can proudly say that I passed all my exams and can fly for another year. Yay! Once a year we have exams in order to continue flying. It’s like a license which you need to keep up to date. It’s all about flight safety and aircraft type related things (I fly the fokker and embraer airplanes so I need to learn all the locations of the safety equipment and more safety related items). Besides passing the flight safety exams, I also had to practise an emergency evacuation in the simulator. It was very interesting to do.

And it has been a while since my last update! I’m so sorry for that guys, but I really was running out of time. I also came back from a really nice trip last week. I went to Trondheim and Sandefjord Torp. We went out, had lots of fun and enjoyed the pretty sights of Trondheim. And… I’m asked on a date! Awesome, haha. Today I was supposed to be in Venice, a trip I requested, but luck was not on my side. The aircraft went technical and so we stayed in Glasgow for a bit too long. And now I’m back home and tomorrow I’m on standbye duty again… More outfit pictures comming soon and… I have some great collaborations comming up shortly!

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